What characteristics you don’t know on PVC Tarpaulins?

On PVC Tarpaulin, what characteristics you don’t know? As high-tech industry fabric, it also excels in these areas: * Flame Retardant * Anti-Static * Fluorescent * Printable for large format plotter * Blockout, shading sunshine Should you have these requirements, contact KOP!


How to repair a ripped tarp?

How to repair a ripped tarp? Clean the tarp firstly and dry it. Locate the entire area of the tear. Place tarp repair tape around the tear Cut a piece of fabric from repair kit supplied, and stick it over the hole. Lay a heavy object on the taped area if possible to help the […]


Above Ground Round Pools, Metal swimming pools for Kids

Above Ground Round Pools/Metal swimming pools for Kids * Size: 10ft, 12ft, 14ft * Match filter, ladder, and cover * Quick installment, finish it in 20 minutes * Durable more than 8 years, long enough for your kids grown up


KOP Pet Waterbeds/Water mattress made of PVC Tarpaulin

KOP Pet Waterbeds/Water mattress made of PVC Tarpaulin Quick cool your pets in hot summer Feature: * Strong, anti pet biting * High tensile, pass pull force test * Impermeable & no leak * Simple design, inject water from tap directly


KOP Truck Side Curtains, PVC Tarpaulin Truck Curtains

KOP Truck Side Curtains, have the webbing strap welded to the fabric on the inside of the curtain. They are easy to repair, long lasting, suitable for: * Rigid trucks and trailers * Straight decks * Drop-decks * Double drop-decks in conventional * B-Double configuration


Potable water bladder collapsible, Collapsible water storage tank

KOP Potable Water Bladder collapsible, is perfect for all water storage situations where large quantities of fresh water are needed. Application: * Farmers * Wildland firefighter support * Rainwater collection systems * Oil/mining industries * Maritime shipboard use

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