FAQ of tarps from KOP Plastic

Q1:What is the use of PVC coated cloth and coated plastic cloth?
A1:Hello! This is our plastic coated fabric for your reference:
Scientific name: PVC coated fabric.
There is a base cloth, with both sides of the plastic, making the table smoother and better waterproof.Advantages: no smell, non-toxic environmental protection, good waterproof.
Specification: 2 x 2 can make tent, tarpaulin, cotton door curtain 3 by 3 can make tent, tarpaulin.
Base density determines specifications. The width is generally 1.5m-2m,
1. Tensile strength index: the strength of the longitudinal strength is greater than or equal to 2100N/5CM and the strength is greater than 1600N/5CM.
2. No leakage, water resistance value is greater than 2000MM water column.
3. Ability to low temperature, cold temperature was 20 °C
4. Anti-mildew, mildew proof test is one level.
The thickness of the 2 x 2 for 0.42 mm 42 silk, g 500 g / m2
(radius 3 tiles) to be 0.5 mm thickness of 50 silk, gram weight is 620 g / m2

Q2:PVC characteristic
A2:It has excellent anti-mildew resistance, obvious water resistance, and it is more waterproof than other canvas. It has good soft and soft, high strength, strong tension and relatively light, etc. It is widely used, such as foreign trade, grain depot, oil field, wharf, tent, drilling tower clothing, railway road transportation, storage, coal mine, open yard and other canvas products.

canvas tarpaulincanvas tarpaulincanvas tarpaulin
Q3:What is PVC coated waterproof cloth, what are its properties and USES?
A3:Will be heated under molten shape too/paste PVC by roller invade rolling/roller coating or coating composite on continuous base cloth, and then the cooling to finalize the design of product is PVC plastic coated cloth. Its performance are: 1, waterproof and 2, mouldproof, 3, aging resistance, 4, non-toxic, 5, cold resistance,, flame retardancy, 6, 7, durability, 8, good tensile strength and crack resistance and so on. It is widely used in automobile, train, wharf, shipping, tent, storage and seepage.

Q4:How to choose PVC coated fabric?
A4:Plastic coated fabric cho

ice, first look at the appearance, colour and lustre is consistent, light is a good product, reoccupy hand scraping, plastic coated glue or easy to scrape off, with the hand touch and see its softness, generally the soft about better, if asked to flame retardant by a fire to look at how long the self-extinguishing, self-extinguishing time as short as possible, in the look at plastic coated fabric breaking strength, tearing strength size, that the bigger the better, of course, plastic coated cloth can not have defects, defect is very easy to leak, the less the better.
The above is the manual detection method, if have the detection equipment, must use the instrument, according to the national standard check, see to meet the standard no, exceed the standard how much.
Pull, tear force big, the softer, not easy to scrape down the glue is good product, the coating thickness should be moderate, too heavy weight, not easy to handle, too thin, short service life.

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