KOP Tarps manufactures and distributes industrial tarpaulins to industries such as companies involved in trucking, maritime, petrochemical, construction, aerospace, government, agricultural, manufacturers, and industrial distributors. KOP Tarps & Canvas Products is heavily focused on the industrial tarpaulin rolls, and customization of Industrial tarps (tarpaulins) & covers, Custom printed tarps, Truck tarps, Lumber tarps, Truck bed tarp cover, Equipment covers, sun shade covers, and specialty covers.

Besides industrial tarpaulins, we offer just about any service you need along with accessories: rope, eyelets, velcro, webbing, bungee fasteners, metal frame, and more.

Whether you want to protect your cargos, display advertisement outdoor, collect water, snow, or you are looking for anti-slip floor mattress, we might be at the service you are looking for. Below, you will find a breakdown of the services we offer.


safety pool cover, winter pool cover, vinyl tarpaulin pool cover

Safety Swimming Pool Cover

Close your pool the safest way possible with an inground pool safety cover, anchored into the deck. It completely block all rain, snow, debris and UV light.

This will not only give you peace of mind, but will minimize chemical consumption throughout the off-season.

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Workers guide a large, red tarp filled with snow as it is hoisted by a crane from the top deck of the Hudson Yards construction site, Monday, Jan. 25, 2016, in New York. Workers are clearing the construction site from the weekend snowstorm. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Construction tarp - Snow Tarps

When you are looking for Construction Tarps, we have the widest selection and variety of effective tarp coverings 7oz, 10oz, 13oz, 15oz, 16oz, 18oz for all heavy duty applications at the job site, in the field, plant, or warehouse shielding, preserving, and defending the structures, equipment, and people at these locations. From the most standard of tarps for basic covering to the very specialized in protection, KOP tarps has your construction projects covered.

The types of Construction Tarps that we carry include Temporary Building Enclosure Tarps, Containment Tarps, Scaffold Sheeting/Scaffold Tarps, Barrier Fencing, Safety Snow Fencing, Lifting Tarps/Debris and Snow Tarps, and Basic Tarps.

Our Construction Tarps are available in durable and strong materials in a variety of standard and custom sizes, weights, safety requirements, and colors. Contact us Now for your tarps and covers needs.

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Custom Truck tarp truck cargo tarps flatbed tarps tarps covers transport tarp pvc tarpaulin truck tarp manufacturer

Custom Truck tarp, trailer tarp

KOP TARPS manufactures and distributes high-quality fabric buildings and custom covers of all shapes and sizes, provides a variety of Custom Tarps and Custom Covers that are used in just about any type of application from light weight to super heavy duty jobs. These tarps and covers, tailored to your dimensions and specifications, are available in a selection of durable PVC Coated Tarpaulins. Whether it is a small unique covering for your boat or something as large as a sports field, an aircraft, a multi-story building under construction, a power plant, or cooling tower, KOP custom manufactures with factory direct pricing.

Please begin the process by entering the dimensions and then choosing the tarp material. If your Custom Tarp application is industrial in nature, we encourage you to select heavy duty materials with a weight of 18 ounces. 18oz. is commonly used for steel tarps, lumber tarps and other over the road protection. 18oz. Has a high tear strength and moderate to heavy abrasion resistance. The high quality fabric we use is ideal for requirements such as construction protects where protection against wind, rain, punctures, and tears are vital. If you believe that even greater strength is needed, select the 22-ounce super heavy duty custom vinyl tarps that resist UV rays, mildew, grease, and oil. This material is incredibly durable, resisting tears and abrasions. Super Heavy Duty Custom Tarps are very popular for duties within the military, trucking, agriculture, construction, and industrial sectors.


Custom Made Flatbed Truck Tarps

KOP Lumber Tarps and Flatbed Truck Tarps come with double-layer melt hems, heat sealed seams, and may contain heavy, welded style D-rings that are tack stitched.

They are made using high quality vinyl coated material and come in a standard weight 650gsm 610gsm, as well as a lightweight 510gsm and super heavier tarpaulin 700gsm, 800gsm.

Our flatbed tarps can be made to fit most any sized trailer and any shaped load. Whether you want a custom color scheme or a custom size, we have the right tarp for you.


Pillow water tank, collapsible pillow tank, water storage tank for agriculture and industry

KOP Collapsible pillow tanks are collapsible, flexible bladder storage tanks, designed to provide both small and bulk water storage on your site, facility, home, or business location. Also known as bladder tanks, KOP Tanks are constructed from super heavy duty tarpaulin 900gsm, 1200gsm and 1500gsm to handle different climates and liquid storage requirements. Fabric options for these folding water tanks are determined by capacity and application. Available fabric options can be used to store drinking water, rain water, industrial water, or agriculture irrigation water.

Standard capacity

0.5 tons, 1 ton, 4.5 tons, 7.5 tons, 10.5 tons, 15 tons, 18 tons, 20 tons, 25 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 100 tons available.


Tarp design

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility also allows us to serve a wide range of tarp proposals.

We have heavy duty industrial sewing machines, producing reinforced tarpaulins with taps, Velcro, and more. We hope to continue to innovate in ways that not only meets the high standards of our customers, but exceeds them.”

KOP can work with you to develop prototypes or tackle your commercial sewing requirements, like Velcro, D-ring, taps… If you have an idea that involves industrial sewing, bring it to us and see if we can help.


PVC Floor viny, Acoustic heterogeneous vinyl floors

KOP offers underfoot comfort and excellent sound reduction properties with high wear resistance, ideal for healthcare and education.

The Compact heterogeneous vinyl is a flooring composed of several layers, including a printed layer for limitless design possibilities. KOP vinyl floors feature a patented surface treatment, for durability, high quality, easy cleaning & maintenance, sound reduction & slip resistant flooring.


Showroom I Studio I GYM I School I Office I Cinema I Sitting room I Store I Kitchen room I Bedroom I Restaurant I Library


High tensile PVC Coated Tarpaulin rolls, Fireproof heavy duty tarpaulin roll

KOP heavy duty tarp manufacturer and distribute PVC coated polyester fabric. It’s a waterproof and UV resistant vinyl fabric with good flexibility, excellent tensile strength & tearing strength. It can handle the tough industrial or construction projects, weight range 510gsm, 650gsm, 700gsm, 800gsm, 900gsm and more, life time more than 8 years.

It’s widely used awnings, truck cover, tents, banners, inflatable products, adumbral materials for building facility and house.

Width: 1.05-3.20m, 3.50m~5.10m

Length: 50m, 100m

You can order from Heavy duty tarpaulin roll

5-sides Box tarp covers

Weight: Solid vinyl 510g, 610g, 650g, 700g, 800g

Width:          Length:          Height:

Fire resistant B1:          Color:             Lacquer:

Grommet spacing:

Qty: 2000 sqms

If you have a request for a material that isn’t on the above list, Contact Us, and we’ll see what we can do.

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