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Open Top Container Tarpaulin & Covers supplied to SARJAK Container Lines

SARJAK, specializing in the carriage of Over Dimension Cargoes (ODC) on its own fleet across the globe. We are partner of them, manufacturing Open Top Container covers for their containers. Open Top Container Covers are designed for UV Protection, Wind protection, and Rain protection. It includes: * common 20 ft container * common 40 ft […]


KOP Custom vinyl tarps ideal for protecting your precious cargo as well as your trailer itself

KOP Custom vinyl tarps are ideal for protecting your precious cargo as well as your trailer itself. Advantages: * Made-to-order: trailer length, width & Tarp height * Custom grommets locations * Trailer tarps with flaps Let us help you start your next tarp project. Contact us with your drawing or details of what you need […]


Lumber tarpaulin or steel tarpaulin, used for flatbed trucks

Lumber tarpaulin or steel tarpaulin, is used for flatbed trucks. A flatbed has a solid bed, no roof and no fixed sides. Lumber tarps held down by ropes, ‘sheeting’ the load, to provide weather protection.D-rings and grommets are designed specially for ropes fastening optionally.


PVC Roof waterproofing sheets 2mm for warehouse & buildings, PVC Blackout Tarps widely used for tents, marquees

On the roof, we’d like to support you to install solar support frame, solar solar panels & inverters, to get a Green power supply system. In China, the development and use of photovoltaic power generation is very mature. Has a leading position in the world. It has a leading position in the world market, and […]

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