Heavy duty tarpaulin roll

KOP Plastic has a wide selection of fabrics and colors to suit any requirements for your project. PVC Coated Tarpaulin roll

General Details


We have a wide selection of fabrics and colors to suit any requirements for your project.

PVC Coated Tarpaulin roll

Product Characteristics 

  • 3-ply composite structure makes it stronger than other tarpaulin.
  • Industrial grade, polyester coated on both sides
  • High abrasion resistance and tear strength, non-peeling, non-crack surface
  • Flexible, easy to fold and carry
  • Waterproof, resist oil, acid, grease and mildew.
  • Heavy duty durable, more than 8 years service life.
  • Temperature: -30℃ ~ +70℃

Ideal for agriculture, construction, industrial and trucks.


  • Shelters from wind, rain, or sunlight.
  • Protect scaffoldings, brickwork and masonry from weather damage.
  • Used for a fly in camping, tent, inflatable boat
  • Used for medium to large advertising.
  • Covers for trains, trucks, semi-trailers, freight cars, wood piles, etc.

Data sheet

Weight: Solid vinyl 510g, 610g, 650g, 700g, 800g

Width:          Length:

Fire resistant B1:          Color:             Lacquer:

Qty: 3000 sqms

1500times better than other products

Since 2007,we had been in cooperation for more than 6years and be appreciated for KOP’s supporting and perfect after-sale service. We’d been glad to work with you these years and be sure of our long-time cooperation in future. —— Mr Rajesh from Africa

Mr Rajesh - Sourcing Manager

Till now, we are not only business partner with KOP ,but also as a friend for years. May we met some problems via cooperation.KOP always could give me best resolving way to make us closer. —— Mr Jan from Europe

Mr Jan - CEO

We appreciate KOP’s great efforts and supports on our transportation business, supply truck tarps for more than 8 years. Be distributor of KOP, our annual sales rise 68% in past year 2018. We get quality goods all the time. Meanwhile, we always receive solution of tarp customs for our local clients. Incredible works done, help us stand better in our area. Thanks a lot!

Robert Roe - WordPress Specialist Envato

We are happy to find KOP. We are developing heavy duty canvas tarp for pet products. Our quantity is small, but KOP supports us with our artwork design. The tarp mat is awesome. Our pets love it, the same way the owner do. PVC tarp is waterproof absolutely, anti-broken and easy to clean. And it is high tensile, flexible and frame retardant safe for home. We believe new material tarpaulin will gain market for us this year.

Jane Doe - Designer RT-Themes

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