Custom Truck Tarp, Trailer Tarp

$1.93$2.93 sq m

Custom Truck Tarp, Trailer Tarp



  • Seams: heat sealed, not sewn or glued.
  • Hem: Double stitched, sewn with a polyester thread
  • Solid brass grommets: ID (inner dia.) = 16mm,  OD (out dia.) = 20mm
  • Lead time: 4-6 weeks
  • Custom Tarp Size Variances: 1 to 2 inches
  • MOQ: 5000 ㎡


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Truck tarps not only protect the material being transported from the elements as well as theft, pilferage etc. but also project the image of the company. Detailed craftsmanship ensures that these sturdy tarps stand up to the elements, punctures, wear, tear, and tough environments.

KOP Custom Truck Tarps are produced using top quality industrial fabrics and trusted craftsmanship. KOP Custom Truck Tarps are made with 18 oz of vinyl coated material, and we also offer a new lightweight tarp that is 16 oz, offering easier handling yet retaining strength, and all truck tarps are available in our vast selection of tarpaulin products, or they can be custom manufactured using a combination of vinyl weights.

KOP Custom Truck Tarps come with heat sealed vinyl seams and double-layer melt hems. Some contain heavy, welded style D-rings that are tack stitched, ensuring a high level of tension strength.

Product Characteristics 

  • Excellent Strength:

High tensile and tear strength, strong adhesion strength

  • High Physical properties

Waterproof, Fire retardant, Flexible, Fungus and termite resistant, Anti-bacteria, Anti-mildew, Anti-UV, Non-fading, Non-crack and Self-cleaning.

  • High Mechanical properties

Easy welding for high frequency welding machine and hot welding machine; easy sticking metal eyelets; easy stitching.

  • Printable lacquer surface, for long life of print

Suitable for large format printing advertisement project.

  • Custom color

Matching your color with high precise.

  • Heat combined by high frequency welding, which guaranteed this fabric water tight and no crack.
  • Supply constant temperature and good insulation circumstance for your cargos.


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Additional information

Additional information


550g, 610g, 650g, 700g, 800g


Glossy, Matte

Fire resistant

B1, No F/R


Both sides, One side, No Lacquer


Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow

Brass Grommet spacing:

A grommet in each corner, Grommets spaced approximately @ 100cm on center around perimeter, Grommets spaced approximately @ 50cm on center around perimeter, No grommets

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