Pillow/Collapsible Water tank

General Details

Rainwater Storage

Pillow rainwater storage tanks are one of the most flexible options for rainwater collection and feature a low profile tank which can sit comfortably under decks, patios, in basements or an outdoor storage area. Designed with your choice of either a drinking water or gray water approved material, these tanks can help decrease water costs in your home or business location as a cost effective water pillow tank.


Rainwater System Works:

Collapsible pillow tanks fold flat for easy storage and shipment, and are easy to fill and drain.

Implementation of a collapsible tank in your rainwater system will vary depending on your storage options and connection requirements. One of the most common uses for collapsible water tanks is through a connection to a downspout. One possible setup is available below:

  1. As rain falls from the sky, it hits, collects and drains from the top of roof.
  2. As rain hits the roof, it flows down into the downspout (Downspouts are connected to filters at the end)
  3. Most downspouts will include a filter to help remove large debris and sediment. As water flows through the downspout, leaves and debris are removed.
  4. Water is then channeled through a hose which is connected to the pillow tank.
  5. Bladder tanks fill with water for immediate use or storage.
  6. At the tank’s discharge, fittings and pumps are attached to move water out of the container and into sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, or other utilities.

Product Characteristics 

  • No leak due to special coating materials
  • Anti-corrosion, UV protection and anti-microbe
  • Excellent to resist extremely cold and high temperature, application temperature range -30℃ to +70℃
  • Weather resistant and durable, more than 8 years service life.
  • Flexible and light, easy to fold and carry
  • Custom size and color available
  • Easy operation & easy carry
  • Wear resistant, tear resistant, heat resistant, age resistant
  • Big volume & light weight, less freight


  • Above ground cisterns
  • Long term water storage
  • Emergency portable water storage
  • Fire protection water tank
  • Farm irrigation, etc.

Tank specification: (附表)


Fabric: Super Heavy duty PVC vinyl coated fabric

Seams: Heat sealed airtight hem 

Inlet: Dia. 14 cm

Outlet: Dia. 5cm

计算变量  pillow water tank

Choose an option: drinking, water storage for agriculture or industry

Thickness: 0.9mm, 1mm, 1.2mm,

Color: Grey

Capacity: 10.5 tons, 15 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons

Qty: 5 sets


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