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Industrial tarpaulin for construction, Textile warp/PVC coated tarpaulin tube filled with cement for tunnel applications, withstand minimum 40 bar pressure

It is well known that PVC coated tarpaulin is industrial fabric, which is high tensile, high strength, and waterproof, suitable for outdoor transportation trailers, trucks, flatbeds… Besides these lines, it is also welcome for construction corporations. Waterproof mattress, covers, shelters, KOP Tarps is strong enough for construction processes. Now it is also used to fill […]


Machine tarp covers, heavy duty PVC tarpaulin covers 5 sides, waterproof tarpaulin cover outdoor, with open flap on the top and eyelets on the bottom

We produce tarpaulin cover for machines, with round corners reinforced and brass eyelets on the bottom. The flap is with Velcro on 4 sides, convenient to open and close. The box cover 5 side is digital printed fully. The printed tarps show your image to the market.


One-stop service to transportation trucks from KOP Plastic, loading heavy duty truck cargo tarps and truck tyres in one container

As leading and professional provider for transport companies, we produce high tensile heavy duty tarpaulins according to client’s size and design. Meanwhile, we supply excellent tyres to our VIP clients, help them service their customers and gain the market. Truck tarpaulin 700gsm, and 315/80R22.5 ply.20 tyres.


Wear-resistant Car mat for rally, Tarpaulin matress for car repairing, Tarpaulin floor vinyl durable and washable

Professional heavy duty car mat, printed logos for car repairing and advertisement for Rally. When rally, cars should be cleaned or repaired between whiles. Strong mat is demanded at that time. Premium PVC Tarpaulin (canvas tarp) 1050g is adopted for KOP car mat. Good printing performance offers crisp logos which is covered with super wear […]

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