8″Scaffold Bungees, 12″ Scaffold Bungees


8″ Scaffold Bungees, 12″ Scaffold Bungees


  • Material:  Elastic / Plastic
  • Pieces:  1000 Pieces Box
  • Sizes:  8″ or 12″ Length
  • MOQ:  50,000pcs
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8″ Scaffold Bungees  12″ Scaffold Bungees SCAFFOLD BUNGEES – TIE DOWNS


These elastic bungees are used to attach the scaffold sheeting to the scaffolding. Each of the scaffold bungees are made with an elastic cord and a plastic clip and plastic toggle. Insert the toggle through the reinforced eyelets in the sheeting and then pull the cord and hook the clip to the scaffold framing. Both the 7′-4″ x 136′ and 13′ x 100′ rolls requires a minimum of 300 bungees per roll. Secure the scaffold bungee to every 5th eyelet for best results. These bungees come in 300 pieces per bag.

Scaffold Bungee Specifications:

Material:  Elastic / Plastic
Pieces:  300 Pieces Bag
Sizes:  8″ Length

Material:  Elastic / Plastic
Pieces:  1000 Pieces Bag
Sizes:  12″ Length

Color: Red, blue, white
MOQ: 50,000 pcs 


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