Lumber Tarp with Flap for Flatbed Truck and Trailer – 8′ Drop


Lumber Tarp with Flap for Flatbed Truck and Trailer – 8′ Drop


  • Fabric: Heavy duty PVC vinyl coated fabric
  • Seams and grommets: 2-Ply heat sealed hem with brass spur grommets (ID=16mm & OD=20mm)
  • Hems: All hems re-enforced with 2″ webbing and double stitched for extra strength
  • D-Rings: Webbing reinforced D-rings on sides
  • Flap: Includes 8′ flap on one end
  • Custom Tarp Size Variances: 1 to 2 inches
  • MOQ: 5000㎡
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All Professional Drivers are deeply concerned about keeping their load fully protected from the elements. They are responsible for delivering their load to destination in unaltered condition. KOP Products offers a wide range of flatbed tarps just so customers can easily select the best lumber tarps for ideal fit on heavy loads.A flatbed lumber tarp is intended for specialized lumber hauling, but can actually be used as an all-purpose cover to protect a variety of loads like hay, pallets, and other bulky cargo. Our waterproof lumber tarps offer superior strength and durability against wind, rain, snow, and sun, and have an end flap for sealing the corners so you can be confident your shipment arrives at its destination undamaged.

Roughly two flatbed lumber tarps are needed to go across the entire surface of a load on a standard 48’ or 53’ flatbed trailer. We offer several sizes. The sides and tail flap are fitted with grommets and either two or three rows of oversized D-rings running the length of the tarp for tying down to the trailer.

KOP lumber tarp contains rain flaps, bottom spur grommets, two, three or four rows of web and D-rings, and tail curtains at one end (these are typically used in pairs).  Please call for details!

 Many standard features that make our truck tarps stand out:


– High tensile tarpaulin weight 510g, 610g, 650g, 700g, 800g, truck grade tarpaulin

– Industrial welded seams, guaranteed this fabric watertight and no crack.

– High tech heavy duty stitching equipment for maximum grommet or D-ring strength

– Watertight flap or fitted ends

– Brass grommets

– Custom color schemes

– Temperature: -30℃ ~ + 70℃


You could order tarp 610g directly here. For other weight, please contact us. We will supply full information and favorable cost for you.

Additional information

Additional information


10' x 8', 8' x 8', 6' x 8'

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