Safety swimming pool cover

General Details

PVC safety pool covers secure a swimming pool during winter. Pool covers keep leaves, sticks, nuts, and other debris out of the pool plus are designed to support the weight of a child, pet, or adult keeping the pool safe while closed. Ours combines a solid tarpaulin with webbing reinforced for a maintenance free winter with no algae growth in the spring.

KOP Safety pool cover is anchored to a deck with straps that pull the cover taut over the pool; the straps usually attach to stainless steel springs and are anchored to recessed brackets in a deck surface.

Product characteristics
– Solid Construction.

– Prevents accidental pool entrances.

– Eliminates algae growth.

– Brass anchor and stainless steel springs.

– 8-10 years lifetime.

Most common shapes and sizes are available for custum made.




General Details


Fabric: Heavy duty PVC vinyl coated fabric

Buckle: Reduced Deck Mount System

Anchoring screw: Brass Concrete Deck Anchors

Seams and grommets: 2-Ply heat sealed  

Hems: All hems re-enforced with 2″ webbing and double stitched, 150cm distance, for extra strength

D-Rings: 2, 3 or 4 Rows of webbing reinforced D-rings on sides

Custom Tarp Size Variances: 1 to 2 inches

计算变量  square shape

Weight: 650g, 700g

Width:          Length

Fire resistant B1:          Color: blue, grey

Grommet spacing:

Qty: 2000 sqms

Techical Info
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