Custom Made Tarpaulins

Tarpaulins have wide applications in our everyday lives. Australia provide you a wide range of custom tarpaulins with some amazing deals. Custom tarps 18oz (610gsm) are high quality tarps that can withstand all forms of destructions cussed due to wind or rain or direct sunlight. They can protect your industrial raw materials as well as […]

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Using Tarpaulins for Advertisements and Promotions

Using Tarpaulins for Advertisements and Promotions Tarpaulins offer a lot of advantages. For billboards and posters. Easy cut and installation. Durable and weather resistant. Cater to all sizes with high frequency hot welding. Tarpaulins can be re-used as sun shelter, rain covers, ground covers for a picnic, and numerous ways you demand.

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Waterproof, High tensile and Affordable pet tarp mattress

Waterproof, High tensile and Affordable pet tarp mattress Tarpaulins are becoming more and more popular in different scene. Pets products expensive? Flexible tarps, as portable pet mattress, are suitable for everywhere you go. Light tarp about 0.38 kgs, it is also durable more than 5 years. Easy cleaning just with wet rag, 5 seconds solve […]

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