Tarps applications aspects introduction

Agricultural & Farming Automobile & RV Boating & Marine
Camping Construction & Commercial Government & Military
Ice Rink Industrial Lawn & Garden
Painting Residential Roofing
Sports & Athletics Trucking  
Advertise Decoration Fire resistance

Tarpaulins (Abbr. as tarps can be used for multiple purposes, such as agricultural & farming protection, automobile protection, boating & marine protection, camping tools, construction usage, swimming pool cover, advertising and so on. You can order all kinds of tarps above from KOP Plastic.

As top leading PVC coated tarpaulins (tarps) designer, manufacturer and exporter located in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province, in the east of China, we provide full series of tarps for your special purpose and usage.

KOP Plastic company’s proven material has been successfully used in the following industries:

Transportation: Truck Tarps, Truck Covers and Truck Side Walls

Construction: Oil Booms, Construction Tarps, Farm Tarps and Commercial Sewing

Amusement/Recreation: Tents and Awnings, Inflatables and Jumpers, Cold Air Inflatables, Pool Covers, Spa Covers, Boat Covers, Pontoon Covers and ATV Cab Covers

Athletics: Gym and Athletic Mats, Gymnastic Equipment, Wall Padding and Field Covers

Loading Dock and Door: High Speed Roll-Up Doors, Vinyl Roll-Up Doors, Dock Seals, Dock Shelters and Industrial Curtains

Food Service and Restaurant: Rack Covers, Equipment Covers and Patio Enclosures

KOP Plastic has complete range of colors include: White, Gray, Black, Light Blue, Royal/Ocean Blue, Navy Blue, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Tan/Beige, Brown, Pink, Purple, Lime Green and Burgundy.

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