PVC tarps’ advantages and features of KOP Plastic’s tarpaulins

  • PVC Features include:
    • PVC inflatable fabric is much easier to patch
    • Cheaper if compared to other materials
    • Maximizes portability, durability, and very convenient to use in many products
    • PVC has reasonable care that last for long time
    • Easy to use, to glue and to weld
  • PVC is now replacing the old-style building resources such as clay, concrete, wood and metal in many various applications. Cost-effectiveness, versatility and best record of its uses shows that PVC tarpaulin fabric is one of the most essential polymers to all the construction sectors that accounted for over 60% of European production of the said material in 2006.

The PVC or Polyvinyl chloride is the most common plastic that is used by most people in constructions and buildings. It is also used in Truck Cover,window frames, roofing foils, PVC swimming pool cover,flooring, wall coverings, waste water pipe, Side Curtain,cables, PVC Tent Fabric,drinking water tank and more other different applications. It is due to the fact, that PVC inflatable fabric provides modern alternative for traditional materials like glass, rubber, wood, and metal.

This product – PVC, is often less expensive, lighter and offer countless performance benefits.

  • Versatile 
    One of the physical properties of this product is that, it allows a designer to have high-level of freedom in designing or developing new product solutions. The PVC materials act as the refurbishment and replacement material. Furthermore, PVC inflatable fabric materials have been preferred to use for interior design, window frames, billboards, waste or fresh water systems and many other applications.
  • Advantages of PVC to Other Materials
  • Easy to fit & install 
    This is one of the main reasons why most people chose to use PVC, as it is easy to install. It can be shaped, welded or cut and easily joined in different styles. The light weight of this product reduces handling difficulties.
  • Strong & lightweight
    PVC material has light weight but it is tough and has good powered strength that are key advantages for construction or building applications.
  • Safe material 
    One of the great advantages of PVC over other materials is that, it’s safe. It’s a non-toxic material that’s why it is safe to use. As a matter of fact, PVC is one of the most world’s researched that is thoroughly proven and tested plastic. PVC materials meet the international standard for health, safety in application of the product in consumer goods.
  • Durable 
    Another good thing about PVC Inflatable fabric material is its durability. PVC is a resistant to chemical rotting, abrasion, weathering and shock. It’s therefore the most preferred choice when it comes to several various outdoor and log-life products. As a matter of fact, long-term and medium application of PVC accounts for more than 85% of production in construction sectors.
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