Waterproof Heavy Duty Vinyl Coated Polyester Flatbed Truck Tarp Fabric Pvc Tarps For Trucks Cover wholesale and retail

Asia-kop provides all kind of heavy duty tarpaulins for you.

As a high quality Heavy Duty Tarp products in best price from certified Chinese Sports Equipment wholesalers, Asia-KOP

We’ve been specialized in PVC Knife Coated Tarpaulin for many years. Our products have been exported to America, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia, which satisfy our customers with high quality and good service. As an experienced and passionate team, we aim to be the leading supplier in PVC fabric materials

Asia-KOP’s heavy duty lumber tarpaulins has the following characters:

Polyethylene PE material, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging and corrosion resistance. Able to withstand all kinds of bad weathers.
High-density weaving, tear resistance, strong and durable.
Double coated, waterproof on both sides.
High-temperature heat-sealing hem, heat-sealing stitching. No leakage, no deformation, no cracking.
Four corners are designed aluminum buckle, easy to fix, stable and safe, durable and not deformed.
Great for general cover tent, camping ground sheet, car covers, boat covers, machine covers, lumber covers, wind protectors, haystack cover, privacy walls, picnic mats, pool covers etc.


Material: Heavy Duty PE
Color: White
Size: 2x3m, 2x4m, 2x5m, 3x3m, 3x4m, 3x5m, 4x5m, 4x6m
1m = 3.28ft

Package Includes:

1 Piece Heavy Duty Trap


Please allow slightly measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

In most cases we manufacture trucking tarps out of the 18oz vinyl coated fabric but weights range from 10oz-40oz. The vinyl panels are hot air welded together to create a strong bond for the proper size tarp to cover your load. We reinforce the hem of the tarp with 2 inch webbing this helps prevent the ends of the tarp from being damaged when faced with high freeway winds also allowing structural support when securing the tarp to your trailer. 

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