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Collapsible pillow tanks fold flat for easy storage and shipment, and are easy to fill and drain. It is a reliable option for any site needing to temporarily store potable or non-potable water. Designed for crawl spaces or outdoor locations, our collapsible water tanks (liquid storage tanks) are easy to store, transport, and deploy with the ability to fit in otherwise wasted spaces. Multiple sizes and liquid compatibilities are available, making these tanks ideal for any industrial facility, construction site, or storage location. These tanks are perfectly suited for hurricane relief efforts, flooding, and natural disaster response.

Flexible Tanks are a unique and cost effective option to bulk water storage on an agriculture field, construction, or mining location. When compared to a standard steel unit, the collapsible tank can offer increased capacities (up to 100,000 tons in a single tank), lower shipping costs and higher heat retention. Collapsible tanks help sites to reduce the number of storage tanks needed on site during a job.

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