Industrial tarpaulin for construction, Textile warp/PVC coated tarpaulin tube filled with cement for tunnel applications, withstand minimum 40 bar pressure

It is well known that PVC coated tarpaulin is industrial fabric, which is high tensile, high strength, and waterproof, suitable for outdoor transportation trailers, trucks, flatbeds… Besides these lines, it is also welcome for construction corporations.

Waterproof mattress, covers, shelters, KOP Tarps is strong enough for construction processes. Now it is also used to fill cement inside, and used for tunnel construction. KOP Tarp use high-end tarpaulin 1350gsm to make it, assure it is workable for pressure 40 bar.

tarpaulin tube for filling cement, pvc tarpaulin tube for construction
PVC Tarpaulin tube for cement
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