How to import lumper tarpaulins from China

Asia-kop has been a good supplier of good quality lumper tarpaulins from China for many year, we can provide with your own parameters, such as materials, seams, D rings and different colors.

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TypeLumber Tarp 
Spec DetailDimensions: Lumber Tarp
Weight: 83 lbs
Rain Flaps:Yes – 12″ Rain Flaps for Water-tight Tarping
Material: 18oz. Vinyl on Top, End Flap, and Rain Flaps
Seams: Heat-sealed
Waterproof Grommets: #5 (5/8” inside dia.) Brass Grommets every 24”
D-Rings: 3 Rows of Stainless Steel D-rings, Box-stitched with Protective Flap. D-rings are Spaced Every 24″ with a Row at 2′,4′,and 6′
Reinforcing: All Hemmed Edges Reinforced with 2” Webbing, Double Lock-stitched with UV-treated Polyester Thread Weather
Resistance: 18 oz PVC is 100% Waterproof, -40F Low Cold and Mildew Resistant.
ColorsBlack/Blue/Green/White/Orange/Silver/Stripe or Other Requirements
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